What is WiFire?

WiFire is a relationship marketing solution based on HotSpot Social Wi-Fi. Our goal is that you get to know the profile of your customers in order to increase the level of satisfaction and loyalty of yourcustomers through our tools.

The solution includes a professional WiFi router with social login, which allows your customers to enjoy and check in on your Facebook fan page. Check our prices here

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Discover the benefits of WiFire

Find out about some of the features offered by WiFire that can help you generate more results in your business.

Customer Loyalty

WiFire helps you build customer loyalty through your after-sales tools, including satisfaction surveys and automatic mailings.

+ Visits and Checkings

WiFire empowers your fanpage, by asking your customers to enjoy and check in on your page when they visit it.


Receive important real-time alerts regarding your customers in your establishment. Examples: Birthdays, Unsatisfied Customers.

Highest WiFi signal quality

A WiFi that really works. So you can offer a WiFi signal witha quality that is up to your store's standards.

Increased productivity

The employee access limiter becomes an important tool to ensure that collaborators do not exceed the limit consumption of the Internet in the work environment.

Increased Security

Even without a password, the security of your network is improved, as well as the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet.

Reachable Marketing

WiFire is effective and costs less than a promotional flyer.


Offer a gift to your customers with our SMS voucher lottery system. You can also increase the recurrence of your clientele by sending vouchers via email to customers who are at home.


Make the electronic menu available to your customers when theyhave access to WiFi. The menu is also available online so youcan send it to customers who are asking for it via WhatsApp, for example.

Easy to use

WiFire doesn't need an application, it worksdirectly from your phone's browser. Although it has an interfacesimilar to an application, it does not require your client to install any application in order to login to your Wi-Fi.

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Enchant your Customers

Perfect for places with up to 400 people.

Professional Commodatum Router
Social Login (Facebook, Google, Email)
Like / Check-in in Facebook
Civil Milestone Report
Customized Facebook check-in
Load balancing
Access Profiles
Administrative Panel
Data export
Blocking Users
Email Marketing 7.000 / month 9.000 / month 15.000 / month
Satisfaction survey
Login banners
PERSONALIZED Satisfaction Survey
WiFire Insights
Surveys and Events
PERSONALIZED Customer Registration
Menu/Service options (Com pedidos online pelo WhatsApp)
Gestão de Pedidos (Delivery)
Management of Discount Vouchers
Integration API
Integration with Facebook Pixel
Integration with RDStation
Integration by Webhooks
Standard Facebook export
Páginas para Captação de Cadastros
People counting

If you have a network of establishments, request a personalized quote.

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Some of Our Clients

WiFire Testimonials

Unimed Maringá

Initially, Unimed looked for the WiFire solution with the objective of improving the quality of Internet user connections and optimizing bandwidthconsumption. However, it quickly became aware of the benefitsof customer relationship that the tool also brought.

We have received few complaints about service today, such as access and signal. WiFire contributed to building a robust database of our customers.

says Tiago Ferreira, marketing analyst.

Firula Bar (Football and Beer)

Concerned with the satisfaction of its customers, the owner Juan Paulo Garcia, came to WiFire seeking initially improvement in the quality of the WiFi offered in the house, but ended up being surprised by the amount and quality of feedbacks that the tool brought throughout the year.

I initially subscribed to WiFire to solve problems of instability in in my internet, but today it has become an essential tool for managing thequality of service, products and infrastructure of my establishment. Via the feedbacks I receive from customers through the tool.


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