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WiFire develops technological solutions focused on relationship management and customer loyalty, to serve companies that seek to surprise in service and build lasting relationships with the public.


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All WiFire solutions are built with intuitive use in mind and can be incorporated into your business strategy through automation, API integration, or webhooks.

Modular Solutions

Modular Solutions

Our products have modular features that can be combined to serve you in an integrated and intelligent way. Combine hotspot capabilities, satisfaction surveys, relationship marketing, customer loyalty, and delivery management to build a complete and customized solution for your company.

Focus on information and data intelligence

Focus on information and data intelligence

WiFire's main mission is to bring companies and clients closer together. We believe in the power of information and data to guide the strategies of your business and, therefore, we help you collect, store and treat important data about the profile and behavior of the public.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Security is a serious matter for us. As such, our solutions all work in compliance with the General Law of Data Protection (GLDP), ensuring your company's compliance and your customers privacy.

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